Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hard work, 40's style, and a reward of relaxing in hammock & fan.

I got an order last night for a custom version of my 1940's sunsuit. She wanted it with culottes instead of our standard swimsuit bottoms. The pattern I based this oufit on actually originally came with shorts underneath, but it wasn't my style so I ditched them.
But, I'm glad I got this custom order to see what they look like. And also, it's refreshing to feel the immediate satisfaction of getting a rush order and finishing it on time, and being sentimental about sending off this lovely creation. I think I'm too emotional about my outfits. I hate to see them go!
So after my long day I'm sitting in front of a huge fan in my hammock chair and enjoying the lovely Wrightwood summer.

What's also going on:
~Chipmunk learned to jump. He's getting so fast that we only can keep him from escaping because he has a Pavlovian attachment to us as his food and warmth source. I think he's tamed quite well!
~Chris is obsessed with the rubix cube right now.
~My house would be cooler if they sold portable swamp coolers anymore. Now a days it's only small air conditioners and I don't like them nearly as much.
~I got another website gig doing a website for a friend from years and years ago. Makes the world seem small.
~I have a marker dot on my arm that can't be explained. I own no marker of such colour.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chipmunk's First Blueberry

Today was the first day Artie got to eat solid food, he had nibbles of a chickpea and a whole blueberry! He's getting so big!

We've had him for about 2 weeks now, and when we got these little guys I was worried they wouldn't make it. Petunia, our little girl didn't make it. But I'm so glad Artie did.

My mother found these little guys in her storage shed when she was cleaning it out, and since she disrupted the nest, it was hard to give the little guys back to the mother. Of course, growing up in the mountains, especially around this particular species of chipmunk, it was very hard to resist keeping them. Originally we were going to raise them and release them, though, we couldn't help but keep this little guy.

Here he is exploring my shirt! Look how adorable!

Chipmunks are one of the coolest pets. He's smart unlike hamsters or rabbits, and very curious, which makes him really entertaining. You can teach these guys little tricks with the right kind of bribery, like a peanut. Artie has already taught us to pick him up by acting like he's hungry and then just curling up in our hand and sleeping once we hold him. If that chipmunk had his way, we'd hold him all day.

We also recently moved into this adorable house in Wrightwood, probably the coolest little place for a couple to live, in this general price range :)